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We Buy and Sell Forklift Batteries

A & C Forklift is one of the leading forklift repair specialists in New Jersey. If you have used forklifts, used forklift parts, or forklift batteries in any condition we want to buy them from you. Why pay to have old batteries and parts disposed of, our technicians will properly dispose of old batteries and forklift parts and pay you cash. We have the best prices on forklift batteries. Call (908) 874-9611 for an immediate quote or use the contact form below.


photo-4We pay cash on the spot for
used forklifts and forklift batteries.

Forklift Battery Quote

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    Our technicians provide expert forklift repair and forklift service in New Jersey, New York, and the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area. We ship parts and batteries to the United States and Canada.